Managing a graphic installation

Everyone working in the creative industry knows how hard it is to implement a graphic project; starting with the creative process of the campaign concept through to the all the logistics involved of what, where, how and when to install that graphic.

There are countless strategic steps behind a beautiful graphic in a store window and at Gecko we enjoy being part of all of them. Gecko was established to help our clients with all the logistics behind a graphic install. Today we are going to tell you a few steps of this process to make your life easier.

Contact a project manager

It’s very helpful to have a chat with a project manager about your new campaign so they can be a part of your plan and also help you to build the best holistic strategy for your project. This plan will include the production methodology for install through to distribution of prints, best time to schedule each installation and the right installer for your project.

Site Survey

We know that sometimes things get hectic with all the projects we have to run, so there is a tendency to think that a site survey will slow the process down. However, our most important tip is to do a site survey as soon as you have an outline of how your campaign will look like.

This step is fundamental to avoid issues with material, size and position of the prints on site. Your initial concepts can be created to size and we consistently find that completing a site survey eliminates many unforeseen issues which becomes a priceless advantage on the day of the install.

Real time field management

We are connected 24/7 with our installers and we are always able to build a bridge between them and our clients to eradicate and solve any issues that come up on site, but it’s extremely important to have a site contact who can help our installer with direction and also to help with the decision making as and when challenges arise.


Once a job has been completed, Gecko likes to work closely with our installers to get feedback on how each step of the installation went so we can understand if anything needs to be improved on for future projects. The most common settings are for the most suitable material to be used or the best position to install a graphic. Knowing that, we can work together with our clients to always get the best results.

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